London Drains Blocked – How To Unblock Them

London Drains Blocked

Blocked drainage is a common problem in every household. Besides causing inconvenience to those living in the house, blocked drainage also cause serious health hazards. In a well-populated and inhabited city like London people face a large number of problems with their drains. In London, one of the most commonly faced problems by the office owners, residents and civic authorities is “”. In the case of blocked drainage, the water is not able to flow through the drain and therefore it fills up the pipe backing up to its source which ultimately leads to flooding. Thus, blocked drains in London not only cause water damage to the property but also causes irreparable damage to electrical appliances.

The prime reason of “Blocked Drainage” in London, UK is the accumulation of domestic waste. However there are various causes of Blocked Drainage in London, such as;

1) Grease, Oil and Fats accounts to 75% of blocked drains in London.

2) Over two billion objects are flushed down UK toilets each year that do not belong there.

3) Wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary towels and other similar products are the number one cause of drain blockages.

4) Some of the other most commonly drainage blocking items are work stationary, cigarettes, lime scale and other similar

Thus, when the water is unable to pass through the pipes then its starts overflowing. Bath tub, washbasin kitchen sink and towel bowl are few common places where such things can be seen.

The consequences of “Blocked Drainage” in London, UK are:

1) Blocked drains can give you a real tough time in a city like London. Since water is unable to pass through pipes, it starts overflowing. The dirty overflowing water release a pungent smell which
causes discomfort to the people.

2) The dirty overflowing water act as a breeding ground for various viruses and bacteria which causes allergies, skin infections and other harmful diseases.

3) The dirty overflowing water causes damage to the building by weakening its structural integrity. It can also cause serious irreparable damage to the electrical appliances.

4) Left too long, the accumulated water can cause discoloration, warping and water stains on the floorboards and walls.

Thus, in London, UK, the blocked drains are much more than an inconvenience. It serves as the foundation of various safety and health issues.

However, identifying the route of the problem in the case of blocked drainage isn’t always a simple and rapid solution. Sometimes, it requires professional knowledge and machinery. Thus, the various
ways to clear “Blocked Drainage” in UK are:

1) Boiling Hot Water: One of the easiest ways to clear blocked drains is to pour boiling hot water in your bathroom sink, kitchen sink etc. The hot water easily removes the accumulated domestic stuff,
allowing water to flow through the pipes effortlessly.

2) Chemical Solutions: Various chemical solutions are available in the London market which dissolves the accumulated waste in the drains and allows water to follow easily. But, some of these
chemicals are harmful to your skin and if used for a long period of time, they can damage your pipes as well. Therefore. Buy only mind and natural chemicals for drainage cleaning.

3) Baking Soda and Vinegar: Mic 1/3rd cup of vinegar and 1/3rd cup of baking soda in a container. Without wasting any time, pour down the solution into the blocked drain. The fizzing chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda will help to remove the accumulated waste. Make sure to flush the pipe with hot water after sometime. Similarly a mixture of liquid detergent and water and caustic soda and water can also be used to clear the blocked drains.

4) High Pressure Water Jetting: High Pressure Water Jetting is a highly effective and safe way of unblocking London blocked pipes and drains. In this, a strong, continuous jet of water is fired inside the pipe which forces the accumulated deposits and therefore it come out from the other
side of the pipe. The water jetting equipment is easily available in the London market.

5) Electro Mechanical Cleaning: Electro Mechanical Cleaning is another technique to clean blocked drains. In this technique, a flexible rod is pushed inside the pipe to remove the accumulated waste. A beaker or container is placed on the other side of the pipe to collect the drained out waste. This method is very helpful for removing leaves, twigs and roots that gets accumulated inside the
drain pipes.

6) Professional Drain Clearing Experts: This method involves hiring of professional drain clearing experts in London, UK. They have years of experience and knowledge in this field. These drain clearing experts quickly detect the cause of blocked drainage and use the most suitable method to clean the drain. This method is slightly expensive as compared to the above mentioned methods but the results offered by the drain clearing experts are long lasting.